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Tactus helps leaders unlock the power of corporate brands to deliver business results in times of transition and change. Brands are about more than logos and slogans. Our team of professionals employs them as a strategic framework to tackle four issues critical to business success:

A black piece is laid on the board.Define your positioning

Clarify strategic objectives, corporate purpose, competitive advantage, brand differentiation and customer value focus.
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bridge Alan Levine LIExecute your strategy

Clear the path to execution and rise above tactics by forging a permanent link between strategic goals and operations.
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Internal engagementEnergize your workforce

Provide staff with a clear purpose that excites, motivates and guides daily activity across the organization.
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Customer activationActivate your customers

Use strategic messaging and content marketing to identify, attract, engage and convert customers. 
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We work with organizations in the process of change…

Tactus works with companies (mostly B2B) that are in transition or coping with major change in circumstances or business environment. Many of our clients are:

  • Launching a new business or an extension of a current business
  • Transitioning to the next level of growth
  • In need of a re-set (due to new competition, market demand, technology)
  • Preparing for sale or succession
  • Integrating post-M&A

Tactus works with executive leaders and business owners who need an expert perspective on positioning, strategy, brand or communications. We provide these leaders with confidential advice and assistance on: 

  • Brand strategy and architecture
  • Strategy implementation
  • Internal engagement 
  • Proposals and presentations
  • Marketing and strategic messaging

…and with the people who make change happen.

You didn’t invest in your brand so that it could sit there looking pretty.
Let us put your brand to work.


Global brands are successful in Japan when they can adapt to the local culture and market without compromising what makes the brand great in the first place. We guide companies through the process of localizing their brands for Japan.
Our services:

  • Translation and adaptation of brand fundamentals such as mission and values statements, brand propositions, slogans and taglines.
  • Brand engagement programs and internal communications for Japanese staff.
  • Market-appropriate external communications
  • Target and market analysis for Japan

A strong brand is always something more than a business model with a logo attached. Powerful brands inspire customers and employees alike with a compelling higher purpose. We help  companies drill down to the brand’s essence and express corporate brand fundamentals clearly and simply.
Our services:

  • Evaluation of corporate brand statement effectiveness
  • Brand statement workshops
  • Develop mission, vision and values statements
  • Implement brand fundamentals organization-wide

Customers, employees and stakeholders not only want to know what the company does, they want to know why. A compelling high-level narrative builds robust emotional connections and powers success across the organization. We work with companies to craft strategic messages that bring the brand to life.
Our services:

  • Strategic brand story development (corporate origin, journey and hero stories)
  • Strategic messaging for sales, marketing, recruiting, corporate communications and fundraising
  • Internal training and workshops to connect leaders and staff to the brand story

Brands are the essential link between strategy and operations. When everything employees do is explicitly aligned around the brand’s promise to customers, the organization multiplies its opportunities for success. We help companies organize operational goals, processes and incentives around a single core brand direction.
Our services:

  • Operational brand alignment audit
  • Operational brand alignment (Brand Coaching) for all corporate functions
  • Brand alignment incentive and motivation programs
  • Brand alignment operational metrics
  • Internal communications

Post-deal integration is the top M&A concern of corporate board members, according to Deloitte and Corporate Board Member magazine. We help newly-merged companies create and disseminate a single, high-functioning corporate brand and culture that everyone in the new organization can stand behind.
Our services:

  • Post-acquisition brand strategy consultation
  • Update and revise brand definitions
  • Employee brand training and brand engagement
  • Operational brand alignment (Brand Coaching)

The process of building a new brand is strategic one of self-discovery and self-definition. Once the fundamentals are set, it’s time to give the brand a name and visual identity to usher the brand into the real world. We work with start-ups, newly-merged companies and organizations embarking on a major strategic shift to build new brand identities, starting from basic brand strategy through to implementation.
Our services:

  • Corporate brand development
  • Service brand, division brand, sub-brand development
  • Brand naming
  • Brand logo and visual identity development
  • Brand identity guide

We tailor our work for each client’s needs.
Decide what level of engagement suits your requirements.

Get started

Talk to us about your requirements, what you want to achieve and the problems you need solved. Get in touch. No time limit. No charge. Contact us.


Engage us on a project basis. We can help with strategy-setting projects, special presentations and proposals, internal communications initiatives, brand assessments, research projects, go-to-market strategies. Contact us.

Seminars and workshops

Our seminars and facilitated workshops in Japanese or English (or both) help get leadership and staff teams on board with brand initiatives, messaging and other strategic programs. Details here.

Brand engagement

For an extended brand-activation engagement, take advantage of our exclusive Brand Tactivation process. It’s a practical, results-oriented way to put the brand to work throughout your organization. Learn more.


We’ve worked with some of the world’s greatest brands.

● 20th Century Fox
● Air Pacific
● A-Look
● AQuest
● Aussie Beef
● Brioni
● Brooks Brothers
● Canon
● Credit Suisse
● DeLonghi
● Ducati
● en world
● Fiat
● FocusCore
● Guerlain
● Hertz
● Hino
● Imperial Hotel
● Kenzo
● Land Rover
● Lexus
● Michelin
● Neways
● Nike
● Nordica
● Pirelli
● Poloroid
● Qantas
● Quiksilver/Roxy
● Reccelerate
● Red Bull
● RJ Reynolds
● Rolls-Royce
● Samsonite
● San Miguel
● Shiseido
● Sopexa
● Superba Krill
● Takimotokan
● TripAdvisor
● Valentino
● Volkswagen
● Volvo


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